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A Slack Bot that tells you if an intruder is at your computer using a leap motion device

Uses github.com/hybridgroup/gobot/platforms/leap and github.com/nlopes/slack to send a slack bot message to a channel when someone is at your computer.

Code can be found on my github https://github.com/rafael-azevedo/goberzerk

General Setup

This guide assumes you have Go language environment setup and you have a leap motion device and software one your computer . If you do not please refer to this guide here

To setup a quick IDE for Go development use the guide here

You will then need to get a slack api key you can create your own channel and have up to 10 bots per channel

  • Create a Slack Channel and Get an API key

    • Go to Slack.com. Fill out an email and hit Create New Team New Slack
    • Once in your slack account hit the drop down next to your user and select Apps & Integration New Slack
    • Search and select Bots New Slack
    • Hit Add Configuration and give your bot a unique name New Slack
    • Click Add bot integration to finish adding the integration and View settings to get its API key New Slack
  • Add the bot to a channel

    Once you have an api key and bot created go to the channel you wish to notify with the bot and add it to the channel using the following command

    /invite @<your_bot_name>

  • Configure Code

    • Clone repo to a directory
      git clone https://github.com/rafael-azevedo/goberzerk
    • Insert your api key for the slack bot in the following line
      api := slack.New("SLACK API KEY")
    • Use the listchannels.go code to print out the channel IDs of the chat rooms. You will need the channel ID of the room you would like to send messages to
      go build -i listchannels.go and run the binary
    • Use the id in the goberzerk.go channel you want to message New Slack
  • Run Code

    • Once you have placed the api key and channel id in goberzerk.go you can build and run the code
    • Build the Code
      go build -i goberzerk.go
      ./goberzerk.go New Slack New Slack